Java Contract Suite can only become better if you help us. This can be done in many ways, some of which are listed below:

To help with participation we have a number of tools. Below is a description of each tool.


For each significant event related to the project a new item will be posted to the news page of the project.

If you want to be kept up-to-date automatically subscribe to one of the project news releases feeds at RSS page of the project.

Mailing lists

The project makes use of four mailing lists. Two of them are for discussion among users and developers, and the other two are for monitoring the activity of the issue tracker and the source repository.

Users of Java Contract Suite can discuss their experiences, best practices, problems, etc. here.
Developers of Java Contract Suite can discuss development related issues here.
For all modifications to issues a message will be posted here. Please do not post to this mailing list directly.
For all commits to the source repository a message will be posted here. Please do not post to this mailing list directly.

You can subscribe to these mailing lists at the mailing lists page of the project.

Issue tracker

If you have a feature that you would like to see implemented or improved, or you have found a bug you can create an issue for it. This way the development can keep track of the tasks that have to be performed. The project uses a single issue tracker for all types of issues.

If you enter an issues we request that you prefix an issue type code surrounded by square brackets to the summary of the issue. For example, for a new feature you would prefix [NEW]. Here is the list of issue types:

Request for a new feature.
Request for enhancement of an existing feature.
The program behaves in an undesired manner.

Source repository

If you want to help improve the code of Java Contract Suite you can obtain the source from the source repository. Instructions on how to get the source can be found on the Subversion page of the project.

Please use Subversion and the source repository instead of the source Zip file, because by using Subversion you will be able to create patches which can easily be merged with the code by a committer.

The project page of JContractS at