The first step, code cleanup, has finished, so it would seem logical to start implementing new features but there are two major issues with the current code. The first issue is that the grammar for the parser has been lost. This means that fixing bugs in the parser is a lot more difficult if not impossible. The other issue is that the syntax of Java 5 (e.g. generics, annotations) is not supported. Because of these issues no new features will be added to the current code. Bug fixes, performance improvements, etc. will be applied.

Once the current code has been cleaned up the development of a new implementation will be started. This implementation will fully support Java versions 1.4 and higher. Although backwards compatibility with the current version is desirable, it could be decided that it is better to do things differently based on user input.

Don't expect this new version in the near future though. It will require the implementation of a complex compiler which takes a lot of time.

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